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Boat rental Fuerteventura

Boat rental with and without captain

Boat rental with and without captain in Morro Jable, Fuerteventura. Set your dates for your boating adventure and enjoy a perfect day at sea with total FREEDOM!

With this boat we offer you two, three and four-hour sailings tours with a captain. And charters of five or eight hours without a captain. The rental client needs to hold at least a RYA Day skipper boat license, to rent this boat without a captain. In addition to the rental price, the rental client will make a deposit of three hundred euros and must pay for the gasoline consumed during the rental charter.

Included in the Price for our tours with a captain, is the transfer to and from the hotel, along with snacks, beverages, gasoline, accident insurance for occupants, etc.  In addition, our clients are welcome to take the helm, go snorkelling (diving with glasses and tube), do water sports (donut and wakeboard), fishing, etc.

In summary

The client is free to choose what he/she would like to do always, our captain will guide you in which order to follow what you would like to do, this depends on the state of the sea and the time of the excursion.

We ask our clients to tell us when making the reservation, what they would like to do during their outing, to prepare the necessary material and we can look to see what the best day is according to the weather forecast. Also, do tell us if you would like to drink or eat something different … we want everything to be perfect to make your day truly special!

Drinks include; Champagne, Tropical beer, Tropical with lemon, Coca cola, Fanta orange, water still or sparkling. If you would like rum, vodka or any other drink, do let us know.

Snacks include; Pringles (crisps) and mix of nuts. (Two and three hours excursion)

Tapas; Majorero cheese, olives, anchovies in vinegar, tuna empanada. (Four hours excursion)

The “Libertad” and all its employees wish you a happy holiday in our island, count on us for any questions during your stay on the island.

Welcome aboard!

Victor Marcuño

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