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Wakeboarding  “LIBERTAD VIP”

If you like the water you will love our yacht “Libertad VIP” for wakeboarding at the La Cebada Beach, Morro Jable

There is no greater freedom than to rent a yacht and go wherever you want, with whoever you want and do whatever you want at any time.

The yacht, a Quicksilver 7’55 Weekend, with a Mercury 200 Verado engine, attains a speed of 31 knots at 6000 RPM. At this speed the gasoline consumption is about 80 litres / hour.

Love wakeboarding or want to give it a go? With a small group we leave the harbour warming up the engine and our muscles to go to enjoy wakeboarding at our favourite spot in front of the Cebada Beach in Morro Jable (thanks to the mountains, it is the beach with less wind overall in Fuerteventura). When the wind is blowing all throughout the island, usually it is calm at this beautiful beach in the south.


is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard with boots which is towed behind a motorboat at speeds between fifteen and twenty-five knots. Getting up on a wakeboard isn´t about strength or you pulling or pushing yourself up. It’s about letting the boat and your board do the hard work.

The first one jumps into the water “puts on his boots” gets into the right position and the boat starting at full speed and heading parallel to the coast will lift you onto the water surface. One by one we can enjoy our favourite sport. After the first round we can rest for a bit by anchoring the boat and enjoying going for a swim or snorkelling and of course having some refreshments and snacks to regain strength for another round.

After this we are ready to make the second round so everyone has another go wakeboarding, finishing with the beautiful sunset and the trolling rods behind the boat in search of fresh fish for the barbecue .. !!!

The wonderful thing about this boat, is that there is no fixed program. The client decides at all times what he wants to do, with or without the captain, so you can enjoy a day in total FREEDOM. !!!

3 Hours

1-2-3 people……………………………..250

4-5 people………………………………..350

6-7 people………………………………..500

The price with a skipper includes; fuel, drinks, snacks and hotel transfer.




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